Aerulia, The Great Republic of Aerulia is a collective of Empires, Kingdoms, and Democratic States that united into a Senate Empire in the face of military threats. Trade is strong here and Politics and Propaganda are their choice of weapon in most cases. They have a long standing terse relationship with Cormyrea and Raurin, but excellent relations with the Sword Coast and Shou.

Cormyrea, The Cormyrean Imperial Forests is known as the ultimate Elven enclave. Covering the largest expanse of wooded area in Faerun this empire is led by the High Elven King Elan Obarskyr. He is advised by Elven Liches bound beneath the cities known as the Baelnorn Council.

Raurin, Desert Nation of the Purple Deserts. A nation of Hobgoblins, artifacts, and wild magics; this ‘Empire’ is held in terrorized thrall of its leader, the Witch-King Gahbi.

Shou Lung, The Shou Imperials of the Lotus is led by a collection of Feudal Lords and Dragons led by a joint Kingship of Shogun Tamuramaro and Protanther the Golden Wyrm. It is a highly traditional and reserved place.

Sword Coast, the last collection of Free States and collectives on the Sword Coast, these cities rely on a powerful magical and nautical tradition to survive the onslaught of the Uthgardian Empire. Each city has a powerful tradition and ability that are worth discovering.

Uthgard, The Holy Uthgardian Empire is a powerful autocratic empire made up of a xenophobic and aggressive people. A tenacious hatred for elves, dwarves and magic has left them reliant of their powerful military might.


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