Genie Princes

1. Caliph of the Djinn, Husam al-Balil ben-Nafhat al-Yugayyim, Master of the Clouds and Son of the Breezes.

2. Great Khan of All Dao Kabril Ali al-Sara al-Zalazil, Fountain of Wealth, Atamen of the Mountain’s Roots, the Stone Sultan.

3. Grand Sultan of the Efreet, Marrake al-Sidan al-Hariq ben-Lazan, the Lord of Flame, the Potentate Incandescent, the Tempering and Eternal Flame of Truth, the Most Puissant of Hunters, Marshall of the Order of the Fiery Heart, the Smoldering Dictator, the Crimson Firebrand.

4. Great Padishah of the Marids, Kalbari al-Durraf al-Amwaj ibn-Jari, the Keeper of the Empire, the Pearl of the Sea, the Mother of Foam, the Maharajah of Oceans, Emir of All Currents.

The Jinn


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