Gulrot Peninsula


Thick jungles dominate these southern Peninsula. The people are suspicious and fearful, stuck in caves worshiping idols and effigies to the Old Ones. The tribes here use stone weapons and draw power from secret covenants. The jungle is filled with the cries of the fearsome beasts. The touch of Shadowfell lingers over the land with rare holy sites providing protection.

Hidalgo Wetlands, the Dead Jungle

4a9d097bf7f20d55dc87a2532ab75853.jpg The Hidalgo Wetlands is a jungle infested with the undead of Gulrot. Most are taken from the ancestral dead of the Hidalgo Tribes in the region, but their small fractured populations contribute very few tot he ranks these days. The freshest undead seem to be coming from the ‘washed undead’, corpses washed ashore from He-Who-Sleep-Beneath-the-Waves. Most of the Hidalgo tribespeople worship He-Who-Crushes-With-His-Fist and occupy holy sites to protect them from the undead. They also live in caves to protect themselves from She-Who-Lurks-Behind-The-Stars and The-Dread-Moon-Highest.

Gulrot Peninsula

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