Mystra's Weave

Elminster’s Eight Schools of Magic

  • Enchantment
    Made up of spells that change mental states and improve charismatic reactions. Opposites the School of Evocation by its philosophy of indirect action.
  • Transmutation
    To change or alter permanently/temporarily the physical properties of a thing or place. Opposites the School of Abjuration by its freedom of form.
  • Necromancy
    Remake or recycle Prima Materia, Necromancy is often associated with strict negative energy production, but it is also concerned with things like construction creation, changing the nature of mortality. It is opposed the School of Conjuration by its unwillingness to involve outside forces.
  • Illusion
    Powerful mental affects that obscure or outright change the appearance and feel of people and events but without actually directly affecting the original truth. It is opposed the School of Divination by its embracing the freedom of obscurity and anonymity.
  • Evocation
    Concerned with the manipulation of Elemental and Inner Plane energies, evocation is often easily demonstrated and dramatic in its effects. It opposes the School of Enchantment because of its direct and powerful use of direct elemental magical effects.
  • Abjuration
    The School of Shielding and Construction. Abjuration protects and creates permanent and temporary magical force-fields and objects. It is opposed to the School of Transmutation in its commitment to permanency of people and objects.
  • Conjuration
    The School of Conjuration deals chiefly with other forces, both in bringing beings from other planes to ours, and projecting or retrieving things from the out planes. Things from summoning through to resurrections. It is opposed to the School of Necromancy in its commitment to opening the borders between worlds.
  • Divination
    Divination, the study of gaining knowledge. Achieved jointly through appealing to outsider forces for knowledge in the hope they have gleaned, or through direct searching and watching of events through time. It is opposed the School of Illusion in its pursuit of the truth.

Non-Weave Magics
As well as the Weave, there are several powers that actually exist outside of the Weave itself. They present themselves differently than Arcane magic and Divine magic, but because of the Weave they must work through arcane magic. Therefore magic is able to react and work with these abilities.

  • Artifacts of the Ancients
    Powerful items crafted before the Weave of Mystra covered the land. They are beyond current ken they usually develop intelligence and will of their own from either their creation, or the centuries of use. Because they are unbound from the Weave they can bypass and transcendent most of its inbuilt limits, but not it’s own. The most powerful example of this are the Mythallar Cities. Built with enchantments and effects that alter and stop the Weave and reality, usually to the benefit of the populous.
  • The Mystic and Subtle Arts of the Mind
    Effects brought from the mental abilities of certain individuals in Faerun who can bend reality around them. An increasingly rare gift since the restoration of the Crystal Gate, which separates our reality to the Far Realm. It has be proposed that Psionic power is a spiritual corruption from Far Realm contact, or a natural reaction of intelligence fighting off the pure chaos.
  • Wild Magicks of the Fey
    These dangerous and capricious magicks flow from the Feywilds, originally reality of the Elves and Goblins. The magick follows completely different rules and systems to traditional spell-casting and is really just as powerful as the Weave. Learn its rules well for you may need to face it in your lifetime.
  • The Shadowweave of Shadowfell
    Maintained by the Demigod Rivalen Tanthul, the Shadowweave is a weaker copy of Mystra’s Weave that attempts to shape the sheer power of the Shadowfell to power the Netherese Empire and their Mages. They trust in it far more the the Weave that, in their minds, caused the destruction of the original Empire.

Mystra's Weave

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