Old Ones

The Old Ones are beings that supposedly predate the Gods and reality itself. They are often possessing ultimate power, and sleep beneath the waves, the black veil of the night sky, and the ground underneath us.


Eater of Ships, Lord of Tentacles, He Who Smiles, Lord of the Sea, He Who Sleeps Beneath the Waves will allow none to enter his domain, crushing all ships and consuming swimmers.


Breather of Storms, Mountain Top, He Who Rumbles, He Who Crushes With His Fist will crush all who try to climb the tall mountain paths of the realm.


The Night Serpent, Queen of Madness, The Shadow Beyond, Frost Maker, She Who Lurks Behind The Stars will bring madness and death to all who sleep beneath her or gaze at her beauty too long.


The Father of Zombi, Lord of the Dead, He Who Kills, The Dread Moon Highest will invade the body of the dead and make them rise after you and your loved ones.


The Darkmist, The Sickness, He Whom Watches, The Myst That Kills is a seemingly free willed mist made of a mysterious black and purple cloud. The thickest portions of which seem to hold two malevolent eyes staring at you.


The Chained One, The Suffering King, The Low One, The Fires That Shoot Hi, The Fires in the Mountain sits and waits in the lowest parts of the world, beneath the rumble and bustle of the world above.


The Hollow Path, The Spiked Death, The Black Doom, He Which Eats and Crawls works along in the hidden places and tombs of the realm, eating pillagers and tomb robbers.


The Hounds of Tesix, The Spiked Eternal Suffering, Those Whom Feast, The Howling Death of Unbelievers who roam the plains and valleys of Tesix and hunt for those who do not worship the Old Ones.

Old Ones

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