The Desert Nation of the Witch-King, this hobgoblin run empire is the result of a mass exodus from the Feywilds Pansaerian Empire. The Pansaer are an ancient race of noble goblins who ruled the desert regions of the Feywilds outside the thick forest and jungle the realm is famous for. They also were masters of the Sluagh and the strong winds, having a cordial relationship with the Winter Court, but at open war with the Summer and Spring Courts for millennia. After a disasterous titanic fight against the Eladrin and Feylords, the Pansaer Goblins were forced to take the last of their forces to the Material Plane, where they’re physical forms were unable to exist in the lower magical levels of the realm. Gahbi has been using his extremely potent magics to keep alive and his brothers and sisters in stasis. He’s been working with Shar and the Shadow-weave to change the magical nature of this kingdom, while his stranglehold on goblin-kind slips every day.

The Witch-King has been aggressive to Elven kind, leading to a war like invasion of the Whisperwoods to the North, and organizing sortees against the Cormyrean Empire. They have a distant but corgal relationship with the Uthgardian Empire and make frequent diplomatic overtures to the Dragonborn nation of Al Gebra. Although they are taking no aggressive action against Aerulia it’s unknown whether this is because of diplomatic reasoning and cunning, or the sheer terror an average Hobgoblin feels towards the Reavers of Rosewood and the Doomguard. Because Raurin exists where it does, a lot of the nations strength has been tapped from ancient artifacts of the Imaskari Age found in the Purple Wyrm Mountains and the Plain of Purple Dust in the Raruin Desert.

Experts on Teleportation and Interdemensional magics allows Raurin to persue several interesting in vastly different parts of Faerun. While forest and frost goblins are common enough that not all minor villages and forts can be associated with the Raurin Empire, most bugbears and hobgoblins are usually black operation Raurin forces. Raurin also has access to many more forces scattered around the realms, able to recruit gnolls and minotaurs as mercenary units. Unfortunately because of the climate the kingdom itself cannot sustain all of it’s perceived ‘people’, and thus the efforts to take the Elven held woods to the North. The speak Pansaerian here, and have goblin names.

Al Qahara the Pansaer Tomb

fantasy-city-painting-wallpaper.jpg Capital of the Raurin Empire, this entire city was brought wholely over from the Feywild, every brick and tile filled with Wild Magic from that realm. The city is ruled over by the Witch-King Gahbi, the Master of Curses; who uses his formidable powers to sustain and maintain this fellow Pansaer Goblins in their eternal sleep. As large as the city is, many describe it as a tomb because of the eerie chill left in the air and no sign of citizens walking the streets.

Much as the city is abandoned it is still a solid threat to outside invasion. The Shogun Tamuramaro mounted a dragon offensive to ‘cut the head from the snake’ and end the Raurin threat to his people, only to be powerfully cursed by Gahbi and have his forces slaughtered by the Sluagh. Much of the nations administration is done mentally through vast distances, as his lieutenants are mostly left to their own devices and receive brief interrogation and instruction.

Citadel Ragheb the Broken Coffer

desert_city_by_artek92-d79tuid.jpg Citadel Ragheb was an offshoot of the Blackton Clan very often related to the Wyrmbones families directly. They have a large collection of Electrum and Platinum mined, as well as smaller pockets of Adamantine and Iron. The Clans didn’t spend a lot of time focusing on weaponry and war for the most part, with the Purple Wyrm Mountains being quite remote and peaceful. This all changed two decades ago when the Pansaer Goblin’s came to the Raurin desert.

The Great Brown Wyrm Altagod ‘The Storm’, a lieutenant of Gahbi and flush with Wild Magic stormed the keep and killed the Dwarf-King Garlan. Here he sits in the grand throne room, working the Dwarves to the bone making Electrum Coins used to fund various Raurin interests, as well as making Brownstone Steel for hobgoblin troops and assassins. Much of the army outside are Gnoll mercenaries or Orcish Plains tribes driven east by Reavers, but the majority of the force is a Kobold one measuring in the hundreds of thousands.

Coastal Outposts

Chavyonne the Library

20130811231248a0djul18hbdj26qi.jpg One of the largest collection of dig-sites, archaeological caravans and experts for Imaskari. If you have a slave who can read, you send him here. If you love Imaskari, or even Illuskan or Netherese history this would be a place for practical knowledge or experience into earliest antiquity. While there are quite a few free humanoids walking around, it’s more an aspect of absolute corruption. If you’re coming for any reason, bring lots of bribes or get ready for a collar. The city is overseen by the Thayan Red Wizard Lauzoril, a master of enchantment and collector of artifacts.

Hospal the Granary

tumblr_inline_nab5y5uofm1swrex9.jpg The trade center of all of Raurin, also contains the most amount of both horrifying cannibals and food growing land. Hospal have an abundance of Figs, Apples and Citrus they trade across the Sea of Fallen Stars. These orchards are quite lucrative, but the Reavers do have a tendency to cross the border in raiding parties to eat the workers instead. The city is overseen by the last heir of Telamont Tanthul, King of Nether, Prince Brennus lieutenant to Gahbi.

Myrmyr the High Command

large_desert_city_dvg_by_cloudminedesign-d6bnvmx.jpg Another township in the Raurin desert, Myrmyr is the centre of the Hobogoblin military, having the major port and naval operations, as well as the high generals in charge of the northern offensive set here for ease of organisation and communication. It is close enough to be in short travel to the capital Qahara, and far enough to be secure from large scale aerial assaults. It also contains the Brownsteel Assassins impressively trained kobold sneakthieves that much survive a baptism of horror by crossing the Rauring Desert alone with their chunk of Brownsteel. Only the toughest and more ruthless survive. The city is ruled over by Grand Admiral Sedi’Desab, a hobgoblin of excellent mind and wit.

Zanzabar the Front

Donglu_Yu_15.jpg The bulkhead for the Whisperwood offensive, this is the largest collection of military supplies all collected from the other outposts. The small strip of land on banks is high fertile and provides a forwarding bulkhead for the naval forces on the water, as well as funnels in supplies from Hospal, orders from Myrmyr, weapons from Ragheb and magic from Chavyonne. The outpost is overseen from many sites, but there is no central figurehead here. Too many have been assassinated for anyone to claim the position. The settlement rests in a sharp gulf, making it almost impossible to spot from the air and dififcult to assault.


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