Candlekeep is a many towered fortress library that stands on a crag, looking down upon the Sea of Swords. The library is filled with books and scrolls of knowledge, and it was the home of the great seer Alaundo, who foresaw the coming of the Bhaalspawn. To gain entry to the halls of wisdom, a visitor must gift the library collection with a new tome of immense value. The shrewd gatekeepers accept tomes of no less than 1,000gp.

High Forest
What lies within this deep forest is somewhat of a mystery, and few travel there to explore its depths. The more notable locations in the forest include the majestic Star Mounts—providing the headwaters of the Unicorn Run and the Heartblood River; the Lost Peaks in the northwest that form the headwaters of the Dessarin River; the fabled Grandfather Tree; the Dire Wood in the east; as well as many dungeons, ruins, abandoned settlements, and mysterious locales.

Uthgar Woods
Originally called the Forest of Tethir , it was renamed the Uthgar Woods after the conquering of Tethyr and the surrounding lands, historically learning to the founding of the Free Cities Accord to recognize the rising threat of the Uthgardian Empire.


  • Uth-Amn
    Originally called Athkatla, this city was called the “City of Coin” and held an important trading route for the Sword Coast. After being conquered by the Uthgardt it has become a heavily militarized and was plundered of all its considerable wealth, more than tripling the current Imperial Treasury. Even today new Tombs and Caches of riches are unearthed to fund the Empire. The City also houses the Counterspell University. A University to master the art of counter spelling magic without giving the students access to the unpatriotic spells of the free world. The University and town archeology are overseen by High General Leaf Iscariot the Dragon.
  • Uth-Baldur
    Currently considered the frontline supplier of the war effort, Uth-Baldur was once called Baldur’s Gate. Only recently has the large metropolis fallen to the Uthgardian Empire, and it citizens still bluster under the tyrannical rule of the Grand Emperor Jorgen the VII. The city remains under martial law commanded by High General Yssir Bloodletter.
  • Uth-Dracon
    Named for the Dragonreach Mountains in the distance, this is the training ground for the Uthgardian Dragonslayer Brigade. Overseen by the High General Barak Wyrmslayer, dragonslayers are carefully trained to go and cleanse the West peak of the powerful threats.
  • Uth-Forenzi
    Seaport of the South, surrounded on all sides by the enemy states and frequently the target of naval attack, Uth-Forenzi is, at best, a difficult place to live. The entire 2 miles of shoreline is militarized for the safety of the public, but the populace is fiercely patriotic and this is the site of a large majority of Uthgardian propaganda. Lead in this endeavor is the learned High General Borin Olafsson the Wise.
  • Uth-Floren
    Trainer of the Uthgardian Cavalry division, Uth-Floren is in charge of the largest military expanse short of the Capital. Specialization in horse warfare helps combat this, and has lead to massive deforestation in the area. Also excessive anti-elven propaganda.
  • Uth-Loudwater
    Loudwater was a city that sat on the confluence of the Delimbiyrand Greyflow rivers. Much reduced since its heyday, it still offered a well-defended rest stop for caravans and riverboats.
  • Uth-Milan
    Originally called Memnon, this is the headquarters of the Calimport Offensive. Attempting to attack from both coast and inland this is the ideal place to mount the offensive. This town most notable achievement short of that was being the birthplace of the infamous Artemis Enteri the Wise. Considered a hero by the xenophobic Uthgardians it is ruled by High General Tharrock the Brash.
  • Uth-Prague
    A halfling dominated city in eastern Amn, and lies to the northwest near Lake Esmel. The River Esmel along with the lake are both named after this city before Uthgardian occupation. Uth-Prague is now referred to as ‘The Crystal City’ by the ruling caste of humans, as halflings are not allowed to hold public office in the Uthgardian Empire. This does not sit well with the halfling population, who are still kept cowed by the military high command and the High General Broke Bigfoot.
  • Uth-Ravien
    Originally this place was called Riatavin, a halfling city near the ancient realm of Meirtin. After occupation, most of the surviving halflings were force marched to Uth-Prague, called Esmeltaran at the time, leaving the city to be populated by the Raven Clan of Uthgardt. The second city to fall to the Uthgardt Kingdom of 940 M.R. The command of this city falls to High General Tyran Ravenloft.
  • Uth-Roma
    The capital of the Uthgardian Empire. Every year on the first day of Winter the Uthgardian High Command convenes to strategize with the Grand Emperor Jorgen the VII and the current status of the Many-Arrows and Calimport campaign. The Dragonslayers bring lavish gifts of dragon parts and tales of glory to spread in the empire and High General Yssir Bloodletter attempts to explain his lack of progress against the superior foes in Silverymoon, Mithral Hall and Waterdeep. The city is the largest in Faerun, but by design. Town plans were seize from Rapture and the city constructed deliberately larger. ‘Capital of Faerun’ is a title used, but by Uthgardians only. A portion of the buildings aren’t even occupied, mainly because of the rules in gaining citizenship. Must be human, must have served the government or military, and must be able to afford the royal land tax.
  • Uth-Staghart
    Created by the Uthgardian high command in a bid to cut land travel between the northern Free Cities and their eastern allies, and to reclaim the Stag Clans traditional homeland. A costly endeavor this city drains more and more out the of Imperial Treasury every year. However, a recent windfall of gem mines and rare artifacts found in the north may save this city, making the transport and defence of the Northwind Pass a boon to the Uthgardians military strategy. Commander Gabriel Wolfsbane is the only member of the high command not given the rank of general, and it ranks him still.


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