Providence, The Keepers of Fate made up of the five founding city-states of The Enlightenment. Each of the cities was a home to the churches of The Ten Fates. Arcane and Clerical traditions are strong here, in an order of spell-casters known as Caliphs is made up of clerics, wizard, mystics and sorcerers of the sanctioned gods and their traditions. It is a deeply xenophobic culture, considering itself a Police-State for the continent as a whole.

Southron Lands, are filled with thick woodlands and fertile farms that benefit from the rain and waterfall off the Gulf of Arteshia. The main city’s still standing are; Abadon home to the Lords of Obsidian, Estoc home of the Iron Banks, Comoros and it’s Shipyard Guilds, and Barsec home to the Skyship Tower.. Most of the realm is driven by profit and attempting to appease their northern dictators. Heretics are hunted frequently and the church of The Ten Fates have a strong presence here.

Free States, are made up of the traitorous Fallugah and it’s Janguar Warriors, and Jaffa the Centre of the World. They have an iron control of the oasis’ of the desert, and the mines; Tyre and Ludd. They pay a bare lip service to The Ten Fates, as they are allowed to police their own realm thus having kept a light touch with their citizens. The Free States negotiated their status in exchange for providing safe passage across the desert, which allowed The Providence’s Armies to cross and complete the conquer of the Olyahn.

Olyahn, is a large expansive and sparsely forested region to the southeast of the continent. They have always been the most defiant of the subjugated states. The Caliphs barely manage to maintain order, with many of the governments dissolved or outright executed to prevent independence. Heresy is rife here with stray Caliphs butchered in the open streets on occasion. They are heavily taxed, and food is usually rationed to allow larger supply and tribute to flow back to Providence.


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