Deities of Toril

Gods of Brotherhood

Minsc, God of Justice & Fa Kuan, God of Perseverance

The Justices:

  1. The Red Knight, Lady of Strategy
  2. Bahgtru, Orc of Loyalty
  3. Helm, Lord-Protector

Flight of Archons, Winged sword wielding angels

Gods of the Magic

Mystra, the Weavemistress, who is known as Selan, the Seventh Fate until Selunes return.

Council of Magicks

  1. Zann the Learned, the Eighth Fate
  2. Deneir, the Questioner
  3. Azuth, the Librarian
  4. Savras, the Prophet

Gaggle of Devas, purple and blue skinned and robed magical immortals

Gods of Civilisation

Bhalla the Rainbringer, The Third Fate.

The Pillars of Civilization

  1. At’ar the Noon-lord, God of Autumn, Tradition and Nobility
  2. Lathandar the Dawn-lord, God of Spring and Vitality
  3. Kossuth the Twilight-dragon, God of Renewal, Winter and Good Dragons

Sune the Fair-Maiden, Goddess of Fertility

The Seelie Court

  1. Iallanis the Serene, Goddess of Forgiveness and Storm Giants
  2. Sharess the Dancer, Demigoddess of Hedonism
  3. Shiallia the Pure, Demigoddess of Song

Herd of Couatls, winged rainbow serpents

Gods of the Elves

Corellon the God of Mastery

The Green Court

  1. Eilistraee the Bladesinger, Goddess of Sword-work and the Dark Elves
  2. Mielikki the Ranger, Goddess of Unknown Places
  3. Deep Sashelas, Goddess of Deep Places
  4. Gwaeron Windstrom, God of the High Places

Silvanus, The Oakfather

The Wild Court

  1. Hakke of the Desert Wind, the Sixth Fate
  2. Hiatea the Giantmother, Goddess of the Voadkyn

Pack of Mithral Elves, elves with mithral skin, golden eyes, and diamond hair.

Gods of Trade

Hsing Yong, Shou God of Fortune, Prosperity and Travel

The Councillors Mercantile

  1. Tymora Lady Luck, Goddess of Skill, Victory and Adventure
  2. Aerdrie Faenya, Goddess of Movement, Speed, and Good Winds
  3. Waukeen the Merchants Friend, Goddess of Coins, Money and Wealth

Ubtao, God of Jungles and Mazes

The Guardians of Mystery

  1. Grumbar the Changeless, God of Oaths and Herds
  2. Lendys the Sleeper, God of Neutral Dragons

Councils of Weavers, four armed, grey skinned immortal lore collectors.

Gods of Gnomes & Halflings

Garl Glittergnome, God of Freedom and Adventures

Celestial Choir

  1. Jazirian the Old Serpent, God of Couatls and Medicine
  2. Hlal the Trickster, God of Pranks, and Goodish Dragons
  3. Lliira the Festive, Goddess of Joy and Happiness
  4. Milil the Poet, God of Song and Eloquence
  5. Lurue the Compassionate, Demigoddess of Intelligent Beasts
  6. Jeriah Chronos, Demigod of Time and Eternity
  7. Wyvernspur, Demigod of Rebirth, Transformation and Enlightenment

Flocks of Seraphs, Triple winged beings of jade skin and blue eyes.

Gods of Dwarves

Moradin, God of Smithing, Metalcraft and Stonework

Those Whom Tend the Coals

  1. Maelgrim the Inventor, God of Artifice and Crafting
  2. Dumathoin, Keeper of the Secrets Under the Mountain
  3. Clanggedin Silverbeard, God of Valor and Bravery
  4. Marthammor Duin, God of Guides and Explorers
  5. Sharindlar the Mother, Goddess of Courtship

Platoons of Maruts, Giant Stone beings crafted from Pure Law

Gods of the Dead

Kelemvor, God of Judgement

Vizier of the Damned

  1. Jergal the Collector, God of Burials and Traditions
  2. Nera the Raven Queens, Goddess of Redemption
  3. Chronepsis the Decrepit, God of Fate and Dead Dragons

Murders of Incunabula, extremely tall and lanky figures rapped in glyph bandages

Gods of Righteousness

Uthgar the Battle-Father, God of Wine and Blood

Champions of Right

  1. Xvim the Black Hand, Lord of Tyrants
  2. Garagos the Weapon-master, God of Training
  3. Valkur the Swift, God of Naval Combat

A Troop of Valkyries, beautiful naked women, wearing armor and splendid wings, usually take souls straight from the Court of the Dead. Much to the chagrin of Kelemvor.

Battle of the Over-gods

Locked in an Incredible struggle, Asgorath the World Serpent and Rayearth the Rune Creator cannot answer prayers or interfere with celestial matters until they are resolved. One to become a Lesser God, the other to transcend the mantle of Over-god.

Gods of Jealousy

Dairlon, God of Secrets

The Gatekeepers

  1. Skoraeus Stonebones, God of Buried Things
  2. Mephistopheles, God of Betrayal and Ambition Trapped in the Nine Hells
  3. Velsharoon, Demigod of Liches

Malar The Beastlord, God of Bloodlust, and Evil Lycanthropes

Divisions of Mechanus Roam the Plane, the clockwork men are looking for spare machinery to bring to the Maruts, Clashing with the Lycanthropes of Malar

Princes of Hell

Greator Goddess of Suffering:
Glasya the Lady of Pain, Goddess of Torture

Archdevils of Baator

  1. Levistus the Lurking Dark God of True Darkness
  2. Oublivae the Corruptor Archdevil of Change
  3. Triel the Impaler Archdevil of Bones
  4. Carnifex the Flame Archdevil of Immolation
  5. Malkizid of Elf Blood Archdevil of Suffering
  6. Garyon the Mad Archdevil of Iron
  7. Barbatos the Thrallmind Archdevil of Slavery

The Legions of Baatezu infest every layer of the Hells, in every possible form.

Gods of Slaughter

Bhaal Lord of Murder, and God of Assassins

The Injustices

  1. Thyrm God of Warlike Giants, Ice and Winter
  2. Surtr God of Fire Giants
  3. Grolantor God of Firbolgs, Verbeegs and Hill Giants
  4. Fzoul Chembryl Demigod of Genocide and Slaughter

Lurking Ulthroloths stalk wayward souls in this realm. They’re golden eyes and black hands will cut you down.

The Shadow Gods

Shar of Midnight, Goddess of Night and Loss

The Black Court

  1. Riven of the Darkness, God of Thieves and Tricks
  2. Task the Serpent, Goddess of Greed and Evil Dragons
  3. Hoar, Demigod of Poetic Justice and Revenge
  4. Karsus the Fallen, God of the Shadowweave
  5. Rivalen Tanthul, Demigod of Netheril

Evelyn the Evening Glory, Goddess of Eternal Love and Undeath

Baernoloth tread where none else enter. Pray they do not tread to you.

Gods of Monsters

Vaprak the Broken, God of Monstrosities, Orges and Trolls

The Unseelie Court

  1. Shekinester the Scaly One, Goddess of Nagas, Serpentkin and snakes
  2. Tchazzar the Serpent, God of Evil Dragons
  3. Ghaunadaur the Lame, God of Abominations and Slimes
  4. Baphomet the Horned King, Demigod of Minotaurs
  5. Yeenoghu the Hungry, Demigod of Gnolls

The sky is filled with Demodands, the winged gargoyles like smoke over a fire.

Gods of Destruction

Akmentalos Lord of Storms, God of Lightning, Sleet, Earthquakes and Conflagrations

Pillars of Chaos

  1. Beshaba Lady of Misfortune, Goddess of Bad Luck and Accidents
  2. Ulutiu Grandfather of Ice, Glaciers and the Arctic
  3. The Mad Monkey of the East, Demigod of Mischief

Amongst the stars and storms of the Elemental Chaos, the Slaadi linger, these toad-like lords of entropy plotting to bring down reality itself.

The Gods of Evil

Dagon God of Horrors & Grazz’t God of Cunning

The Last of the Obyrith

  1. Abraxas the Unfathomable Demon Lord of Secrets and Talismans
  2. Adimarchus Demon Lord of Madness
  3. The Leviathan Demon Lord of the Depths
  4. Pale Night Demon Lord of Nightmares
  5. Shabriri Demon Lord of Aboleths
  6. Eltab Demon Lord of Drought and Lightning Strikes
  7. Marduk Demon Lord of Fire
  8. Pazuzu Demon Lord of Flight
  9. Zuggtmoy Demon Lord of Disease
  10. Alzrius Demon Lord of Disguise

Tanar’ri make up the majority of the still living inhabitants of the Abyss, most Loumara maintaining on the Material Plane.

Deities of Toril

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