Elemental Plane


The Elemental Sphere, although it is organised into twenty-six distinct planes by the more learned of elementalists, the Elemental sphere is in reality one giant reality, each of the realms fading and growing from each other in a giant gradient. The destructive and creative energies are so well balanced that elemental creatures spring forth from the pure matter of this realm. It was originally home to a distinct type of Immortal called The Titans who have been all but wiped from the history books.

Positive Energy Plane
Made up of pure positive energy, this plane is too powerful for life. Visitors not properly protected undergo an explosion of inner power that destroys them utterly. There are theorical theories that this process would enhance the deceased Celestial form.

Quasi-Positive Energy Planes
Bridging between the Positive Energy Plane and the Four Common Elemental Planes.

  • Lightning Plane
  • Steam Plane
  • Mineral Plane
  • Radiance Plane

Pseudo-Positive Energy Planes

  • Quar’tala
  • Cloud Plane
  • Sand Plane
  • Metal Plane

Para-Elemental Planes

  • Smoke Plane
  • Ice Plane
  • Ooze Plane
  • Magma Plane

Elemental Planes

Pseudo-Negative Energy Planes

  • Poison Plane
  • Frost Plane
  • Acid Plane
  • Brass Plane

Quasi-Negative Energy Planes

  • Vacuum Plane
  • Salt Plane
  • Dust Plane
  • Ash Plane

Negative Energy Plane

Elemental Plane

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